Urban plant houses

Urban Plant Houses

Living in a city where space is at a premium and where everything has a cost associated to it can mean many businesses see plants as just that, a cost.

This increasingly urbanised world that we live in is now starting to give way to a new green revolution where the greenery around us is considered a unique form of self-expression, both at home and at the workplace.

This concept is seen increasingly within retail stores, coffee shops, exhibitions and the office environment with plants being incorporated into the initial design brief through architectural structures or as an underlying theme for the space.

 Redroaster, Brighton

Redroaster, Brighton

Plants in the workplace keep the climate healthier and more stable. Water evaporates through the leaves helping to keep the environment humidified whilst also absorbing heat and noise and removing dust and pollutants from the air. Research has shown that we feel better around plants, which in turn helps to improve our performance.

English ivy helps to clean and circulate the air around us and is particularly efficient at absorbing airborne pollutants from computers and other machinery. The smell of peppermint can stimulate the brain, increase alertness and enhance memory, and research has found that the scent of lemon from lemon balm can improve people’s moods and behaviour.