The Supreme Archive Exhibition

Supreme Archive Exhibition

With a collection of over one thousand items starting to take over his home Ross Wilson - skateboarder, DJ and writer - has decided to exhibit and sell a large majority of his ever-expanding Supreme collection spanning 23 years.

Wilson has joined up with The Idle Man to showcase his vast collection in an exhibition space in Clerkenwell. With the blessing from Supreme, The Supreme Archive Exhibition will draw crowds to an environment that showcases both key pieces from the brands 24 years history and a look in to how the brand has evolved over that time.


We are privileged enough to be commissioned to design and build the environment in Leather Lane which will showcase a hand-picked selection of pieces from his infamous collection.

The private sale, launching on February 1st via The Idle Man website will sell more than one thousand items of clothing and accessories from Wilsons collection spanning the life of the Supreme brand from a small skate store on Lafayette Street, to an international renowned brand collaborating with the likes of Nike, Damien Hirst, Louis Vuitton and The North Face.