Plastic - Material of the Year?

Plastic - Material of the Year 2018?

In the news recently, Plastic has been receiving rather a lot of bad press. Amongst headlines about Facebook’s data breaches and Brexit talk, newspapers are often branded with images of poor sea creatures swimming through floating sheets of waste or baby amphibians struggling to crawl across beaches coated in cast away straws and water bottles. It’s safe to say, plastic has a bit of a bad rep and a lot of brands and businesses are making conscious decisions to move away from using the material, particularly single use artefacts.

However, in light of this,  at the London Design Festival 2018, Plastic was named as “Material of the Year”. 


Changing the perception of the material, the ways and the ways  in which we use it, is crucial to its reputation in this current climate . This is exactly what the London Design Festival’s aim was, particularly, introducing society to the sustainable and eco-friendly versions of plastic and showcasing designers who use plastic in new and different ways.

The designers featured during the Design Festival all share similar themes in their work: Petitioning the throw away culture and introducing eco-conscious thinking. 

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A range of initiatives and methods are used when it comes to reusing plastics, from transforms the waste collected on local beaches into statement kitchenware to find opportunities for materials which are considered extremely difficult to dispose of. 


The decision by the London Design Festival alongside the range of exhibitions showcased around the theme, sparked some thoughts as to how plastic consumption can be reduced or redirected towards a more sustainable future. Leading one to consider and review their own personal plastic consumption and question how they too can become more eco-conscious and consider other avenues in which to enjoy the material.