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One of the brands that caught our eye at London Design Festival was Pentatonic and we visited their pop-up in Shoreditch to understand more about the brand and their future of furniture. The word recycle is becoming synonymous with our everyday lives and now companies feel that it is a requirement to have, or at least portray this as an ethos within their business. 

However, there are different forms and ‘levels’ of recycling with a number of companies undertaking a very basic approach to recycling, hiding behind a green smokescreen of clever PR and marketing to enhance their often-coerced corporate social responsibility strategy.

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There are a number of companies though that go above and beyond surface level recycling, making it the company’s core principle. Pentatonic do more than just make furniture, they ensure that not only are their products recyclable, but they are built from waste, designed so they can be adapted and built upon, and at the end of their life Pentatonic will purchase them back and recycle them again. A new circular economy.

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Pentatonic pledge that waste will always be their starting point for any new design; using new raw materials will only result in more waste being generated along with the additional environmental impact created from the extraction process. There is already an abundance of materials in circulation – mountains of unwanted clothes due to our fast fashion throw away culture, old CDs and DVDs that are fast becoming obsolete and the millions of discarded plastic bottles filling the landfills and clogging our waterways.

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Pentatonic create and develop their own new materials with many high-performance materials being unique to the brand with each product being made out of a single raw material, never using glues, resin or paints enables the final product to be 100% recyclable.

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Pentatonic’s pop up showroom in Shoreditch debuted a range of new and unseen materials and products that have been extensively developed and prototyped giving people a glimpse into the future that Pentatonic has for our everyday lives. There were installations showing how the process of how waste is turned into everyday furniture and household items including smashed iPhone screens into drinking glasses and plastic bottles into modular sofas.