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LV Mens Paris 2018

It appears we have reached a pivotal moment in fashion history. There isn’t much difference between Streetwear and Luxury fashion anymore. Across the runway, the two appear as one,  through collaborations or fashion house's own collections – Streetwear has taken over the luxury fashion market.  


Whilst this trend has been on the rise for over a decade,  one fashion house claimed the limelight on January 17th in Paris – The Louis Vuitton x Supreme Collaboration. Making statements within the streetwear world has continued to be something at the forefront of LV’s strategy, as most recently we saw their newest collection on the Paris runway. The first from their newly appointed artistic director Virgil Abloh. Despite his unconventional career, Abloh has already made a statement within the fashion x streetwear trend with his own label – Off White. 


Virgil Abloh LV 2018

Some could argue Louis Vuitton wasn’t the first large fashion house to introduce streetwear into their collections. Givenchy’s collections have been inspired by Streetwear for almost a decade now, and despite concerns from fashion critics back in 2013, Givenchy continued to produce streetwear collections headed up by Riccardo Tisci. After his departure from Givenchy last year, his successor, Claire Waight Keller has continued to dominate the High-fashion x Streetwear world with her collections. 

Balenciaga is another fashion house, who has made some serious traction within the menswear game over the past 5 years, especially in their footwear design introducing both their Triple S Trainer and the Race Runner to the market. A brand once associated with luxury high-fashion, Balenciaga has now become a common feature across the Instagram feeds of many millennial men including the profiles of style icons such as ASAP Rocky and Migos. 


Big fashion houses aren’t the only big players within the luxury streetwear industry. Previously mentioned Off White continues to be a huge name within the industry, even prior to Abloh taking his role at LV. Another brand which deserves a mention is Yeezy Supply. Brought to us by the streetwear influencer himself – Kanye West. Originally launching in 2015, alongside his collaboration with Adidas, Yeezy launched a sell-out collection to the market. Whilst his name and wife may have a lot to do with the success of Yeezy, the fundamentals of the brand, offer it a well-deserved place within the Streetwear scene. Off schedule runway shows, in addition to secret drops are aspects of fashion from where Streetwear emerged in the first place. Yeezy almost stands alone – with the addition of Vetements - as a luxury streetwear brand which remains true to the original values of the streetwear trend. 



Considering society is becoming more about style and comfort, is it any wonder fashion is travelling in the direction it is? More workplaces now than ever have a casual attire policy. Restaurants, bars and clubs are relaxing their door policies, particularly in regards to men’s footwear, and more occasions and events are opting for “party-wear” then “black-tie” dress codes. So it should be considered inevitable that fashion houses are responding to this shift in culture and essentially offering what their new generation of clientele desire.