Lumiere London

Lumiere London

Lumiere is back for its second year with over 50 local and international artists creating installations that light up London's iconic buildings and public spaces. With its first year, back in 2016, attracting over one million visitors this world-class light festival has now expanded covering the West End, Mayfair, Westminster, Fitzrovia, Oxford Circus, Kings Cross, Southbank and Waterloo.


The festival in not unique to just London with Sydney hosting Vivid every year - Lighting up iconic landmarks including the Sydney Harbour Bridge and projecting artwork onto the Sydney Opera House. Artichoke, the arts charity behind Lumiere, first premiered the concept in Durham in 2009 as a one-off, however due to such success have now continued this festival of light every other year since, and lighting up Derry, Londonderry, during their UK City of Culture celebrations.

Below are some of our personal highlight for 2018. So, wrap up warm, don your comfiest shoes and head out for four evenings of captivating light shows in our beautiful city that we are lucky enough to call home; or if you are reading this after January 21st, just scroll down.


Kings Cross – Lampounette by Tilt

Tilt, a French artistic studio, have paid homeage to the iconic desk map with a nod to the changing environment and recent addition of modern offices in Kings Cross. These oversized versions allow the space to be illuminated with warm coloured beams putting people in the spotlight all against the backdrop of the London skyline.



Southbank  – The Wave by Vertigo

Forty triangular interactive gates reposnd to movement sonically and visually resulting in audiences co-creating the art which will always been in a state of change throughout the installation. ‘The Wave,’ which spans 80 metres, is seen as a beacon of light in the city’s darkness allowing people to admire it both close-up and from afar.



Oxford Circus – Origin of the World Bubble 2018 by Miguel Chevalier

Similair to 2016, Oxford Circus will become its own exhibition as the streets become pedestrianised again so people can look at Chevaliers psychedelic inflated sphere. The interactive installation that has been inspired by the constant movement of cells with the passers-by below altering the movement of the orb, transforming it from black and white, to vivid colour saturated visuals.



Kings Cross – Entre les Rangs by Rami Bebawi / Kanva

Referencing the wheat fields of Quebec, Canadian artists Rami Bebawi and Kanva have filled Lewis Cubitt Park with thousands of flexible stems surmounted by white reflectors that shimmer as the wind whips through them. People are encouraged to be in the heart of the sensory experience walking through a series of winding paths on a winter walk.



Mayfair – Northern Lights by Aleksandra Stratimirovic

The aurora borealis, also known as the northern lights, are one of the most spectacular light phenomenon of the Northern Hemisphere. In Grosvenor Square Swedish artist Alksandra has recreated this spectacle, which symbolises friendship, to allow passers-by being able to experience the magic of the northern lights within central London. The lights are programmed in such a way that an unpredictable curtain of light is created, just like in real life.



St James – Supercube by Stefane Masson

Transforming 450 ordinary Kilner jars into a magical multi-screen cube full of surprises including a pink elephant, small giraffes or miniature versions of themselves. These multi-coloured jars were bought to life through projection, something that French artists Masson does regularly by hijacking everyday objects for his art projects.