Instagrammable Moments

Instagrammable Moments


With over 1 Billion active monthly users, it’s no surprise brands are consciously creating assets in the physical space solely to be photographed and uploaded onto the platform. 

Tonight Josephine, London.jpg

Initially the trend occurred with smaller items such as food, lattes and beauty products, however more recently there has been a rise in brands consciously working with architects to create both interior and exterior spaces which should be deemed “Instagrammable”. 

Normann Copenhagen.jpg

Spaces are designed and curated with the ultimate goal being to create a space which is photogenic. The space is imagined on a feed, with the aim to receive as many photo tags online as possible. If done right, the interiors of the space becomes the main marketing tool for the brand. The use of Instagram enables one space to be a “destination”. 



Design features often include neon signs, floral statements such as living walls, pastel colour palettes or monochromatic palettes (Millennial pink spaces). Structurally, there is plays with shapes and natural forms, mixed media such as wood and steel, adapted and moulded to create interest with the contrast in textures.



Spaces are designed with key focal points – the Instagram shot as it is known. However often branding and other smaller design aspect enable smaller, more detailed picture worth moments as people manoeuvre around the space. 

Gentle monster, Los Angeles.jpg

Instagram grew by 400 million users between September 2017 and June 2018, so it’s no wonder there has been a growth in this trend. As the platform continues to grow and maintains its position being within the top 5 platforms where consumers look for recommendations, brands will continue to consider the Instagrammable aspects of their space as a key driver in their design decisions.