Designer Florists

Designer Florists


Traditionally, a small workshop where flowers and plants are displayed from ceiling to floor, often extending past the door and into the street. The florist hasn’t been a retail sector where interior design has complemented the beauty of the stock being sold. However, like most retail spaces things are changing and the designer florist is emerging.




Florists are enlisting the help of architects and interior designers, in order to challenge the traditions and create spaces in which they can showcase their flora.  

Moving away from workshops lined with flowers and plants, florists are optimising their space, in order to enhance the customer’s in-store experience. The retail design enables properties such as lighting and materials to be considered and adapted within the space to highlight and spotlight different products. Simplicity is key, enabling the rich colours, varied  shapes and textures of the flowers to be appreciated by customers.




It’s no surprise, florist want to create retail environments which compete with stores in different sectors. It’s a longstanding tradition for other retailers to feature nature, plants and floral arrangements within their interior design schemes. Often seeing flora being used to emphasis a product’s beauty or plants being placed around the floor to build a lifestyle feel for the brand. Further to this, there has been a rise in the installation of “live” walls taking centre stage in retail and hospitality environments, in addition to the consumer’s social media feeds.  

Flowers have always been considered part of nature’s beauty, so why wouldn’t they be showcased and sold in beautiful spaces? And with the rise in consumers expecting their flowers to be delivered through their letter box, it’s no doubt florists are changing their retail spaces and adapting them into floral destinations.